7 Principles

We are humans. We all want to feel good in our everyday life.

The real-life is not simple. It contains many things. Some of them we like, another – don’t like, and so many things do not affect our perceptions. I hope you agree that we shall accept this variety in the world and I believe that everyone can perceive, study and understand its surroundings. We also have some power to influence our feelings, thoughts and actions.

I have interests in a few areas, including Personal development and success in life. I have one digital course about this, in Bulgarian, and I made a short e-book 7-Principles for a Better Life, in English. The last does not explain all my philosophy but explains a bunch of principles, related to our abilities to make improvements in our own lives, and I believe they are among the most important.  

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Roumen Krastev,
Founder and Manager of In-PC