What does In-PC do and Why?

Institute for the People and Changes (In-PC) was founded in July 2017 in Bulgaria, EU, by Roumen Krastev. He has interests and knowledge in a few areas: engineering, psychology, personal development and entrepreneurship.  

In-PC helps people and businesses organize themselves better to become more successful.

Initially, the activity was focused on technical consultations, organisational consultations and one digital educational course about better personal development and success in life. Till the summer of 2020, these activities were performed in Bulgarian language only (www.in-pc.org/inhop-bg, www.liraus.com, wechange-bg.blogspot.com/, www.facebook.com/inhop.bg).

The world is continuously changing, we too. We can adapt to the changing environment, and we do it. Everyone should be adaptable.  

In August 2020, we decided to expand our activities, offering similar products and services in English. A new FaceBook page was opened (www.facebook.com/peopleandchanges), to support our relations with English speaking audiences. There will be published ideas and materials in this area (personal development and success in life). However, most of them have to be made by other authors. 

We will study and test materials made by other authors. On our internet pages, we will promote only these materials and services that we believe are true, helpful, applicable, and are compatible enough with our knowledge and beliefs.   

We do these activities because now we know more, and we can gain recognition, satisfaction and success by helping more people and businesses to achieve the same.

The publications must contain appropriate related figures and pictures.

New digital materials will be published on our sites regularly. If you need more success and a better life, if you want to get more ideas on this topic, subscribe for our Newsletter and then read our free pdf guide “7 Principles for a Better Life”.

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