Why and how do people change?

People, needs and activities

We are humans and we live on our planet, Earth. We have a society; many people live together. Every day we interact. We do several things. There some things that we do on occasion, but most of our actions are intentional. Everyone consciously and subconsciously takes care of his needs. 

There are several classifications of human needs and activities, but I like to use one that contains five main categories:

  • Activities which are necessary for maintaining the health of our own physical body. 
  • Activities which are related to maintaining the right emotional balance. We all want to feel well
  • Close or far relationships with other people (spouse, relatives, friends, colleagues etc.)
  • Intellectual growth (knowledge, thinking, learning).
  • Care for material possessions (clothes, belongings, home, money, work, etc.)

The Human’s Life and Growth

I believe that every human must take care of his things in all five areas, and when these are well enough, then he could feel and think that his life is good and successful. 

If something is missing or incomplete, then this human has not an excellent and complete life. These things could be learned and mastered.

People and Changes

Small babies can eat milk, smile and ask for the help of their mothers. They are curious about the small world, around them. They hear and look at what is going on around them. They are happy when their basic needs are satisfied, and they cry when they feel something is wrong. They learn how to crawl, walk, understand the meaning of words and speak. 

Little children learn basic rules of human’s behaviour as they look at and copy the behaviour of their parents.  

Children go to school, where they learn many things about life. 

Much of the learned is right, a little is wrong, some will be used in their real life, and too much “knowledge” will stay just useless. 

The adults should be ready to take care of themselves, their children, old relatives and, of course – their material properties. 

The human’s life is usually about 70-80 years long. Physical and mental degradation starts some years before the end, and it is more or less visible.     

It is well known that children can learn and master new things much easier and faster than adults. In spite of this, adult people also can learn and master new things. Furthermore, they have the responsibility to take care of the quality of their own life, as well as for the happiness of their children and relatives.


Every day, people do many things like eating, driving a car, washing laundry, purchasing, paying bills, doing their job, reading books, phone talking, surfing on the Internet etc., that take some time and bring small changes with them and around them.  

Yes, some conditions and changes do not depend on us, but always MANY things depend on us, and we can choose what to do. And even, we can do it. 

We choose to do such things that we believe are good and necessary for us, or for something or someone, who we are responsible. 

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