What we offer you

We like the simple things—those that do the job efficiently.

The blog to this site contains a series of articles related to what we do.

In-PC helps people and businesses to become more successful by improving the organization of their activities.

Our activity is carried out with the help of this site, in-pc.org, on the Facebook page People and Changes, on Facebook – Messenger, the YouTube channel People and Changes and other resources.

If you know English and want to develop, to achieve more in your life, or in a better way, and you want to do something about it, then what we offer through this site could help you.

Buy our course with a 66% discount for $ 997, watch these videos, and in three months you will be pleased and five times richer from now. We give 100% guarantee”. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is suitable for someone to promise you something, but the most important thing is what you will do. That is, if you buy something, you have to make an effort to get it carefully and understand it and try to apply in your own life those recommendations that you think are right. Lack of trust in the content and lack of application does not lead to anything useful.

Selected materials

The main page contains links to printed books and digital products, the topic of which is directly related to the topic that we are interested in:

  • what we humans are
  • how we live
  • Effective working
  • how we think and feel
  • what is our behaviour
  • what can we do to improve our lifestyle? So soon we like it more than now. How to do it?

These are selected materials created by various authors, specialists in their field. Usually, the image leads to a site that has more information about this product and where you can purchase it. Below the picture, there is a link leading to an opinion about this product prepared by me, Rumen Krastev. Some products are free.

Let us connect

If you don’t choose anything today, but you are still interested in the topic – potential opportunities for human development, take a look at the “Let’s connect” section and choose a way for future connection. Shortly we will offer other products that you could like more than those that are now available.

Consultations, coaching

We offer consultations and mentoring on “Personal development and success in life”. See a brief description of these services on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/pg/peopleandchanges/services/ Payment is made through PayPal, after a free virtual meeting through a Facebook Messenger, and choosing a plan (single consultation or four coaching sessions). To schedule an introductory appointment, write via Facebook messenger or use the contact form.

View the selected materials.