Significant and useful achievements usually are the result of a collaborative effort 

No one gain success alone. It is essential, for everyone, to know – what does one want and how to get or accomplish it.

Do you know everything? Of course – no. Me – too.

However, we can learn and improve our behaviour and accomplishments. 

About the mentor

It is very well that I can become aware of my needs, wishes, intentions and all things that are important to me. Furthermore, I have the ability and will to understand and realise everything, which is necessary for the realisation of my dreams.

I have such interests for a long time ago – about 40 years. As a child, I had read popular science journals. They spark my curiosity about famous people and their achievements; about the way they do them. In high school, I studied “Automatisation”. After that, I studied for a mechanical engineer, and then I become a scientist (mechanical properties of materials).

I never lost my interest in the process of creation of new things. I know very well that people create new things and the people use them. Everything essential for us is made with the people’s efforts and for the good of humanity.

I know many things, but not everything. I can do many things, but I can’t do too much alone. I founded the Institute for the people and changes intending to help other people to organise their life better and consequently – to have a more successful experience in life.

Three years ago I was directed to describe my knowledge, in the area of – better organisation of life – in the digital form and to offer them on the Internet. I collected my expertise and experience in a digital course about – personal development and success. The third version of this digital course is here: . However, it is in Bulgarian language. On this site,, there are some materials in English, related to the same topic, and made from other authors or me.

Assoc. prof. D-r Eng. Roumen Krastev


If someone needs assistance on his endeavours, he can ask for a single consultation with me or a series of consultations (that is coaching). The main channel for these talks is Facebook Messenger.  

Choose one of the following:

  • One free consultation for initial acquaintance, 30 minutes long. 
  • One consultation about any engineering or organisational issue, 1 hour long, 100 EUR.
  • A monthly series of 4 coaching sessions, 30 minutes each, 150 EUR.

The specified time above is just the time for “live” contact via Facebook Messenger. As a mentor, I could work on the issue more time and give text or audio or video answers and recommendations. After the initial consultation, if there is an agreement for following talks, the client will receive a link for payment via PayPal. 

Possible themes

– Personal development 

– Engineering questions 

– Business organisation

– Internet marketing

Contact me via Facebook Messenger to arrange a time for the first or next virtual meeting.

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